SKW Buckles Up In Pembroke Park

SKW Buckles Up In Pembroke Park

on site peepsI always love seeing the little ones and being a part of what Safe Kids Worldwide has to offer in terms of preventable injuries amongst children. This week we headed to Lake Forest Elementary where the kids all donned t-shirts in support of SKW as the result of 100% participation in a poster contest.Lindsey+2

In partnership with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, talking to the kids about buckling up and how it can save lives was on the docket and these children were more than interested in what they were being taught.

Each grade was rotated in and out for this special event, which made for a really nice afternoon and a little more one-on-one time with all of the students. To find out more about when Safe Kids Worldwide may be in your neighborhood please visit their site @ Each chapter of SKW through one avenue or another remains very active with community involvement and making a difference.


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