Safe Kids Day In Boston

Safe Kids Day In Boston

MEHC_7363_Flyer_2015_EnglishThe event took place at Boston Children’s Hospital this past Saturday and with booths set up to touch on everything from concussions to carseat safety, attendees really got a good look at what Boston Children’s tagline truly exemplifies…Until every child is well. Teaming up with Safe Kids Worldwide for IMG_8912this Safe Kids Day, I was so excited to be taking part in an event with SKW in Boston, expanding my outreach and becoming more familiar with different faces yet the same approach to what Safe Kids represents globally. This day was about raising money for the organization through donations and fundraising as well as spreading the good word about the “Safe Kids Mission.”

IMG_8914Around the world a million children die each year from preventable injuries and most people are surprised to learn that injuries such as car crashes, drownings, fires and falls – are the leading cause of death to kids in the United States. Safe Kids Day Presented by Nationwide is a campaign to celebrate kids, prevent injuries and save lives. To date, for Safe Kids Day 2015, 95% of the 1.2 million dollar goal for this years fundraising efforts IMG_8913has been put on the books and it’s forecasted that SKW will not only meet this goal their hope is to surpass it. From the turnout of people that showed up to support the cause this past weekend I am very hopeful that the achievement of this day which started on April 26th (the official kickoff) in select cities and continues in 100 communities across the U.S. through out May will be nothing less than a huge success for such a truly deserving cause that I am so happy to be a part of. Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Worldwide, a child dies from an unintentional injury every 30 seconds. It’s important we all do our part.



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