It Was National Auction Night For Miss Universe

It Was National Auction Night For Miss Universe

IMG_8194Last night each contestant for Miss Universe showed up in their very best clad with an item to auction off in order to benefit local charities. The event took place in Doral, FL and among the charities to benefit from the nights’ proceeds was Best Buddies International (

In addition to raising funds for charities in need and being a part of giving back, last night was also a big reminder for me of how much I’ve IMG_8193always loved participating in pageants and the reality of what it cultivates for girls and women across the board. I know without a doubt that I am the accomplished and confident woman I am today as a result of my involvement. Once a shy young girl who had a hard time getting up in front of people, I can proudly say that due to my engagement year-after-year, pageants taught me how to speak eloquently, maintain my poise in difficult interviews in front of judges and to be confident up on stage in front of a large audience with elegance, grace and sophistication. I feel so honored to continue to participate in the pageantry world and utilize this amazing platform to help raise awareness for select causes that make a difference in people’s lives. It’s quite something too to personally experience growth on a level that I hope will only influence other girls and women to pursue their dreams and not be afraid of the uncertainty that may come. That’s a natural part of the process and when you can face your fears and also learn from them, I am living proof that truly amazing things can happen.

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