For The Love Of Kids This Valentine's Day

For The Love Of Kids This Valentine’s Day

It was a star-studded soiree with professional athletes in attendance who know all too well what the debilitating effects of a concussion can in all reality be. I founded the gI_60381_capchallengeCAP Challenge after it had been brought to my attention time and time again just how rampant concussions are and how the need to raise awareness about them has been in demand for quite some time now.

My goal is to prevent injuries in children through Concussion, Awareness, Prevention and on-hand this past Valentine’s day to helpIMG_7211 me raise awareness for the cause was Apprentice Star Brande Roderick and Boca Raton local philanthropist Holly Meehan, hosting a CAP Challenge event so elegantly in her home. The evening got off to a magnificent start with other notable guests such as Jevon Kearse, Chris Chambers, Ricky Williams, Lamar Miller, Jacory Harris and Alicia Piazza.

gold_ladyMy efforts with the CAP Challenge are in alliance with the Dave Duerson Athletic Safety Fund and Dave’s brother, Mike, was in attendance joining us from Muncie, Indiana. No stranger to playing hostess, I went the distance to make sure this event had just what these guests had in mind for their evening highlighting “the cause” in which they were there to support in a more than an apropos fashion! It was Valentine’s Day after all, and it was our love of children and the desire to secure the best future possible for student athletes that brought us all together.

golden&boysEye on South Florida attended the event and put together an awesome video that can be seen @ My guests enjoyed a seven course meal, adorned with rose-decorated tables in honor of the holiday and I was so pleased when some of the guests didn’t mind being vocal with first-hand testimonials on how they had experienced a head injury and were really able to relate for me why they were there. “On a personal level I played football pretty much my whole life and I had some concussions and had to deal with a lot of these things. I think if we can raise the awareness and give people information I think we can help stop a lot of this from happening in the future,” said the NFL’s leading rusher in 2002 and Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams. Please check out the link to the video above and hear Chris Chambers and Jevon Kearse weigh in even more.


To find out more about CAP Challenge please visit my website for the cause @ and be #capsafe. Also stay apprised to my events and what else I have in store @ Facebook/LindseyBerman or on Instagram/LinzBerman.

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