Lindsey In The Community

incommunity00Through my work in the pageantry world, it became natural for me to increasingly align my platform and subsequently myself with select causes in an effort to help raise awareness for organizations in need. Giving back since a very young age and wanting to continue down that path, the expansion of my outreach as Mrs. South Florida International has been both fluid and gratifying over this past year.

incommunity01I am an advocate for Safe Kids Worldwide, a national non-profit organization. I not only volunteer at events across the country, but Isafekids_logo further show my commitment to the cause by planning, organizing and hosting my own fundraisers to raise money and items in need for SKW. I work tirelessly with one simple goal in mind: I want to substantially increase awareness for SKW and its mission in order to decrease the number of preventable injuries in children, which is the #1 killer of children in the United States.

I have also established the CAP Challenge, which was spearheaded to compliment my work with SKW. CAP is an acronym for Concussion, Awareness and Prevention. It’s a national campaign addressing the widespread debilitating effects of concussions among student athletes. I am encouraging a baseline testing for concussions and work to equip schools across the country with concussion goggles that simulate the effects of having suffered a bump, blow or jolt to the head and I embolden you all to be #capsafe.

CAP_LogoFINALStriving to reach above and beyond and proactively staying in touch with the community at large, I am proud to say that I have raised nearly $75,000 for both SKW and the CAP Challenge. As Mrs. South Florida International, it has been an honor to gain the support of many great names such as Ricky Williams, Lamar Miller, Chris Chambers, Fred Taylor, Jevon Kearse, Jacory Harris, Brande Roderick, Alicia Piazza, Carmen Electra, Peyton List and Brooke Burk to list a few. With the amazing platform of the International Pageants, I have been able to leverage my local title to be featured in countless magazine and newspaper articles, talk on national live radio broadcasts, grace the cover of magazines, and even emcee charity events for thousands in attendance.

I am blessed by all the opportunities that my local title has presented me and look forward to pursuing my passion for keeping our children safe!