CAP Challenge Takes On Don Estridge

CAP Challenge Takes On Don Estridge

IMG_8568Don Estridge High Tech Middle School located in Boca Raton is home to the Lady Dragons Soccer Team. It was there that I had such an informative opportunity to meet with these young ladies and talk about the importance of being #CAPSAFE. CAP an acronym for Concussion, Awareness and Prevention has become an exciting project for me as Mrs. South Florida International. I am able to raise awareness about the IMG_8569staggering effects of concussions but also spread the word on the importance of knowing the signs and when in doubt encouraging student athletes to “sit it out” and seek medical help when necessary.

This event proved timely as one of the Lady Dragons had been hospitalized a few weeks prior to my visit really exemplifying my message and proving just how relevant it is to educate our athletes on the topic of concussion safety. Concussion goggles were on hand to give these soccer players a firsthand feel for what it was like for someone suffering from a concussion to continue playing in a game. We also ran simple soccer drills with some of the players in these goggles that simulate the effects of a concussion and we had some laughs as these young women attempted to practice and realized just how difficult it truly is once some sort of jolt to the head had been sustained. To find out more about the CAP Challenge please be sure and check out my site at and get informed on how you too can do your part in making a difference.


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