A Road To Hope...Stop Sex Trafficking Today

A Road To Hope…Stop Sex Trafficking Today

PurpleGirl291The epidemic across America is real. Many of you have heard about it and many people choose not to believe it, but the truth is Shared Hope International reports that 30% of sheltered youth and 70% of street youth are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. These days I spend my Monday’s volunteering at Grace Place School ( where the reality of human trafficking hits so close to home that their mission is to creatively meet the educational, spiritual and therapeutic needs of at risk youth in order to empower them to reach their true potential.

Grace Place School utilizes creative and individualized educational and therapeutic intervention through a series of exercises and more to accomplish their goals. Employment training and opportunity are also a part of Grace Place’s objective to give these girls, boys, teens and even adults a real shot at a successful future. Trafficking predominately takes place amongst girls, but is not a gender-specific problem, it’s a human problem.


Please be sure and follow me on Facebook @ Facebook/LindseyBerman or on Instagram/LinzBerman. Each week I volunteer my time with different causes really trying to utilize my platform in the pageantry world to make a difference and see change occur. I feel so incredibly fortunate to meet the people that I do and take part in the causes and subsequently events that I do and it’s why being Mrs. South Florida International is so important to me. I encourage you all to get informed, stay informed and do what you can give to back, it truly is the best gift of all.

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